◎Guide Line of Taijiquan

There was an ancient times when people must defend and take care
of themselves, Chinese have developed some physical exercises
for health over thousands of years in observing animals with
a long life span and imitated their motion.

They made a complete compilation of "Five Animals exercise", which
were influenced by the motion of creatures such as "crane, monkey,

Though "Five Animals exercise" has some different kinds based on the
combination of animals adopted,common is the accordance of "breath
and motion".

Martial arts is also influenced by "Five Animals exercise",
for instance, Taijiquan, one of Chinese martial arts imitated its motion.
Taijiquan has five main schools and is also considered to promote long
and health living life as well as a martial arts.
It all depends on the region and the tribe that Taijiquan produced unique
and various schools.
They are called Zhen style, Yang style, Wo style, Wu style,
Son style in order of history, which are named after each founder's
family name.

◎Features of Yang Style Taijiquan

In 1956, a simplified set of of taijiquan based on the most popular
sequences of the Yang school was issued.

This series consists of 24 forms which progress logically from the easy
to the difficult, and take five minutes to complete.
This "Simplified Taijiquan" has proved to be a great stimulus to the
popularization of the sport.

Not long ago, the specialists compiled a comprehensive "48 Forms" and
a "66 Forms" to suit different individuals.

More demanding and varied in content, these new sets of Taijiquan
include several traditional items of dual training, such as hand and
counter-punching, sword fencing and combat with other weapons.

All these have brought about a resurgent interest in Taijiquan both in
China and abroad. (by CHINA SPORTS Editorial Board)

The name of each movements 24 Forms

The name of each movements 48 Forms